The countryside of Japan

Here we have moutains, rivers, field of rice and various vegetables, and the vast sky.
this is a tiny town, so take a walk around! We beleve you will have your own discoveries.
Folks here are all friendly. Say hello to them and enjoy conversation!

A view of entire Atsushiokano-machi from the Sannokura Ski Slope.

One early summer's day in an extensive field of white soba(buckwheat)flowers.

The Oshikirigawa River flowing through Atsushiokano-machi unchanged scenery.

Flowers of himesayuri, or maiden lily, can only be seen for a short white in eary summer.

Are there farm fields beside houses? No, not quite. There are houses beside farm fields.

Former Atsushio Station has now been reopened as a museum called Nicchusen Memorial Museum.

In the outskirt of a town, we found a beautiful warehouse whose lower half was made of bricks.

A beautiful scenery of water-filled rice fields reflecting the summer sky and clouds.

The scenery of the countryside fills you with peace and lures you into a country life.


Syaing at Yamagataya

Our speciality is ever-changing views of the countryside from our rooms.
We offer three types of rooms. We promise you that all of them are clean and comfortable.
Enjoy a pleasant flow of your time in the rustic countryside of Japan.

A one-room suite in the Annex "Sayuri-tei". A classic high-grade Japanese traditional style (tatami) room.

Atwo-room suite in Annex Sayuri-tei. Amodern large room.


Enjoy local cuisine

Kitakata, where Yamagataya is located, has long been known for organic farming.
Yamagataya uses safe and traceable farm and mountain vegetables frown only by the farms we know.
We use local beef and locally caught fish to prepare the traditional native cuisine and our unique innovative dishes.

Here in Kitakata, delicious food ingredients are locally harvested every season throughout the year:asparagus and moutain vegetables in spring, various summer vegetables throughout the summer, rice and mushrooms in autumn, hakusai(napa cabbage) and radish in winter.

Fresh materials, straight from the fields in the neighborhood, make a difference Enjoy a taste of the countryside.

We proudly present our delicious breakfast. You can find the menu of the day at the entrance of our breakfast room.

Hot Spring

The hot spring with 600 years of history

The name Atsushio Onsen was derived from the characteristic atsui (lit. hot) and shoppai (lit. salty) Spring water.
The temperature of the fountainhead water is about 65 degree C. The water is salty because this area used to be the bottom of the ocean.
This hot spring has been popular for 600 years.

An indoor bath of the Communal Bath Oshikirigawa use planty of hinoki (Japanese crypress) materials, offering you a popular hideout-like atmosphere in the moutain.

An open-air bath of the Communal Bath Oshikirigawa. It is a small bath yet offers you fuzei, or a sense of ever-changing scenery.

An open-air bath of the Communal Bath Himesayuri offers you a large space with the magnificent view of nature.

An infoor bath of the Communal Bath Himesayuri. The wall is decorated by brick-style tiles, which is characteristic to Kitakata, a town of plenty of traditional warehouses.


Three relaxation facilities

Three unique facilities of Yamagataya, when combined with our hot spring, will give you a tremendously relaxing effect on your body and spirit. Do not forget to try them!

Charcoal baden is a low-temperature charcoal sauna. Hotel guests can use this facility for JPY600.

Ashiyu, or a foot spa, surrounded by trees on a hilltop with birds twittering, offers you a relaxing environment. Free of charge.

JPY1,000 for a 10-minuite yuagari massage (lit. relaxing after-bath massage). Reservation necessary.

Yamagataya is a convenient location for sightseeing!

Map of Yamagataya